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Yaz and Anesthesia

Well I am starting to get excited about what is going to happen on Tuesday! I a lot of time doing research about whether it is safe to go under anesthesia while taking Yaz because it says on the label that you should get off of it four weeks prior to “major” surgery and not get back on until two weeks later, so naturally I worried that I was going to make a mistake if I didn’t call the office to find out if it was okay or not. I found out that it was fine because it doesn’t involve any major veins or arteries and is not stomach related. I am sharing this information on my blog because I couldn’t find anything about mixing drospirenone and anesthesia online, but rather just learning that you should NOT be taking it for surgery without any explanation why or what kind of surgery or clarify what major surgery meant. So it fine as long as it doesn’t involve the stomach or major veins and arteries. You should always ask your doctor, though if you feel even slightly uneasy. I’ve started taking my Vitamin K and will keep doing so until the night before surgery. I was told not to wear any make up, jewelry, or perfume on operation day and my mom told me not to wear nail polish on my fingers, even though the office didn’t tell me anything of that sort. I am also supposed to wear a button down shirt to make getting my clothing back on easier I suppose, so that I don’t have to get it over my face. Well that is all I have for now. I will probably write the day of surgery! Wish me luck.

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