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Day 1 Post Operation

I am one day late writing about my first day, my apologies! I’ve had quite the exciting last two days and I am really excited to share about my journey thus far.

I woke up kind of cranky just because I wasn’t feeling all too excited about recovery and had scared myself from watching other girls youtube videos of their rhinoplasty surgeries and honestly, that might have been the worst thing I could have done to prepare because it seems like a lot of people have chosen bad surgeons! Anyway my dad was saying sweet things to me to give me strength, but he must have not noticed that I wasn’t scared at all. My mom had to tell me to say thank you to him. So we got there, I signed in and right away I was put in my hospital gown. They asked me a bunch of general questions like my birthdate, my height, my weight, if I had any allergies, etc. The lady putting in my IV drip did a horrendous job and failed three times. I felt extremely nauseous and wanted to pass out. I remember talking to the anesthesiologist and him complimenting my pink nail polish and that is about the last I remember.

I somewhat remember being pushed back down by the staff next with them telling me to stay laying down. I have no idea if this was before or after surgery. I must have been aggressive trying to get out of bed lol! When I did fully come to, my mouth was chattering and I couldn’t stop. They told me it was because I was coming off of the anesthesia. I said thank you to everyone and I was not in any pain at all. I was a little bit dizzy, though and I recall the nurse helping me with my shirt, but I don’t remember how I got the rest of my clothes on. I hated the car ride home just because the anesthesia was really waring off and that’s never a good feeling. I kept complaining about my moms cars air-conditioner making too much noise or had some strange pattern. When I got home, I kept hearing that weird pattern, so I went looking for where this weird sound I kept hearing was coming from. I then realized my ears were actually ringing from the surgery. I got a lot of rest for the first few hours and then it was as if I’d never even had surgery. I felt no pain and have been alert. Sleeping with my mouth open sucks and I have been trying to stay hydrated and that is really, really important! I would advise to drink a lot of fluid and stay cool. Here are some pictures of my first day!

I posted this one of my facebook!

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