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Day 2!

So today, I am still pain free as long as I keep up with taking my medicine. My neck and jaw are both sore today, but it has to do with constantly being elevated and sleeping with my mouth open. I woke up at seven this morning and immediately ate some Jello so that I could take Keflex and my Tylenol 3. I was told by my mother that Keflex is very strong and hurt her stomach, so she wanted me to make sure I ate well so it didn’t happen to me, either. So far, so good. Hasn’t caused me any harm. I forgot to mention that we found out yesterday during my surgery that I have a morphine allergy! I guess I broke out in a rash. And I also remember them giving me the anesthesia and knocking out. I only remember because I got the sensation of taking dilaudid, another type of drug for pain I had been on when I was hospitalized for gall stones. It was amazing and they should have given me that instead of morphine. It is also I think eight times as strong as morphine. But I guess it’s good that they found out I was allergic to morphine just in case for the future! Anyhow I am rambling! I had to pack up a small luggage because I am staying at my aunts house because she is a registered nurse at the ICU at UCLA. She took off a few days to take care of me and drove my grandmother out here so she could cook me healthy, yummy meals! Bless her heart because I can barely taste anything!

My mother and I went to the Doctors office to have my packing removed. I also heard that this hurts really bad. It really does not, but it does feel very strange and I had a warm rush of blood come out of my nose. My right nostril kept bleeding and we found that it tugged on the stitches, causing it to bleed because some blood had dried on it inside. So I had to sit there while the doctor basically vacuumed blood our several times and cleaned it with a swab. Now that part made my eyes water like crazy and it was VERY uncomfortable. Not very fun. It was manageable, though and you shouldn’t be scared. She kept cleaning it until it finally stopped. The staff was surprised at how little bruising I had and asked me if I was sure that I had surgery yesterday. My secret: get a tan so that the bruising shows less! Just kidding! I did tan, but my face didn’t get that dark since I wore a ton of sunblock and covered my face half the time.

So now I am sitting at my aunts house. My lovely boyfriend came to visit me and keep me company. I’ve been drinking lots of water, apple juice, pineapple juice, eating Jello, pudding, and mashed potatoes. Recovery is going well and here are more pictures from today! I had some bandages removed today and you can see a part of my nose. It’s very swollen, but it looks cute from what I can see. I picked an amazing doctor, though and everyone who has gone to her has loved her work so I know I will love the outcome.

Before seeing *Dr. Lee!

My bruising today is more red than blue and is as bad as it will be I am told.

My bruising today is more red than blue and I am told this is as bad as it will get.

I think you can see what my profile will look like here.

My "slight" smile. You're not supposed to smile, so this is my version lol.

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