Days 6,7,8

So I decided to compress three updates into one only because I really don’t have much to update. Nothing much seems to have changed since I last posted. Less bruising, less swelling. I went to my second post op visit and again she just cleaned my nose for me with what I think is hydrogen peroxide and then suctioned out any more blood. I could breathe for a whole five minutes! They were a wonderful five minutes, let me tell you. But then I got all stuffy in one nostril at a time. Boo! It’s okay, though. I expected it since I know most people are stuffy for a little while. I noticed the left nostril septum is more swollen than the right and makes my nose look uneven, but it is totally even and I suspect that it’ll eventually shrink once these damn stitches melt away! GRAH! I really really dislike them. They are itchy and they are what hurt me when I touch the tip of my nose. I hope they go away soon. She used the dissolvable stitches which I am thankful for because they were disappear on their own instead of having to undo stitches. I don’t know if I could stomach that. But they also hurt at the same time so that blows, too. I get this cast off tomorrow and I will actually see what is really hiding underneath this fella! Alright well I am just going to do a picture update!

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

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