Day 10

Let me begin by saying that it is pretty gross when the insides of your nose begin to get dry and crusty. My tenth day has brought me some discomfort due to that reason. I must have used about 20 Q-Tips cleaning out all the dried mucous and blood. I unintentionally ripped out some of my stitches while getting out a huge chunk of blood out of my nose. I mean, this was the biggest mass of dried blood I’ve ever seen come out of anyone’s nose. I’m sorry to get so graphic, but I want to share anyway in case anyone freaks out about this happening. I felt a lot better after cleaning out my nose. Oh, I forgot to mention on day nine’s blog that I got to keep my cast for when I want to wear my glasses and for when I sleep so that I don’t forget that my nose is tender and accidentally roll on my nose or hit my nose. Also no glasses wearing without the cast because they can indent the bridge of my nose from its weight. Just thought I would throw that out there. What else….nothing much has changed today besides that. My boyfriends wonderful mother bought me a memory foam U-Neck pillow to support my neck for when I sleep at night. I’m still sleeping elevated on my back or slightly to my side because it helps me be careful in my sleep and makes me aware of why I am in that position. I’m a pretty light sleeper so this has actually been working well for me. And my U-Neck is super comfy and it helps keep my head in a safe position in terms of protecting my nose. Some pictures from day ten!

Some nostril action. lol

And these pictures were taken just before bed at night.

Testing out my smile. Looks a bit different from my before smile. Let's see how much this will change.

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