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3 Weeks Later

Okay so I haven’t really updated my blog much because the healing has basically slowed down until today! I am so so so swollen still. From the profile, it looks fine, although I do think it still supposed to drop a bit within the next month. Also, the space between my eyes is still really wide and sensitive to the touch, especially towards the eyes. I guess not so much in the middle. My tip is quite stiff and at times I feel like my upper lip is stiff, too. I can smile now, but not as big as I normally could. Making certain facial expressions hurts, too! So we are at the end of April, which means my allergies are hell right now! I had two consecutive bloody noses in the morning because of this incredibly dry and windy weather. The inside of my nose burned pretty badly. This also cause for me to attempt cleaning out my nose by hand because Q-Tips just were not doing the job. I read online to wait at least 4 weeks, but uhh, I’m just not that patient lol. I was gentle, though so I doubt I caused any damage. I’ve had soooo much dried blood in there! I couldn’t take it anymore. I started applying a small amount of Vaseline brand petroleum jelly with a Q-Tip to keep things a little moist to prevent this discomfort. It’s working pretty well so far. I stopped wearing my cast to bed, but I do use a U shaped memory foam neck pillow to keep me sleeping on my back (which has also GREATLY helped reduce my usual shoulder pain yay!) and also to keep my head in place if I decide to sleep on my side. I’m still sleeping rather elevated although it isn’t necessary. For about a week, I started to feel incredibly insecure and depressed because I thought the swelling would go down faster, but I’m over it now. It hurt to put make up on so I wasn’t wearing any, which I think depressed me more because I am one of those girls who wears make up on a daily basis and I wasn’t really feeling like myself. It still hurts to put make up on my nose even when I am extremely gentle. And it hurts to put under eye make up because it stretches the skin, so I am being as gentle as possible and wearing make up has made me feel more like me! Oh, one thing I noticed that bothered me and still does a little today is that my skin had been so stretched out for all of these years from the dorsal hump that it looks like a small bump from my profile and that was also making me feel kind of sad. I don’t want any bump on my nose! I am just extremely impatient at this time, but I am doing better! I am crazy for wanting better results when it’s barely been three weeks since my procedure. I’m using cold compresses again since the weather is starting to heat up to help reduce swelling. I think it’s helping so far. I’m also approaching finals and the last few weeks of school so I don’t think that my stress is helping much! Picture time!

These are from week 2

As you can tell, I wasn’t feeling quite very happy that week.

Slowly starting to feel better.

By week 3, I am beginning to feel more like me! I started wearing make up again and noticed my nostrils look much more even by now.

Feeling a little sassy while on the phone!

The bridge looks about the same, maybe slightly thinner than the second week.

Heck, I'll even show my pearly whites! I miss showing them to the world! Heh.

The right side is still more noticeably swollen. Wah wah.

This is from today. Still swollen, but happier than last week. Putting make up on helps.


Nostrils looking more alike.

And just for fun, let’s do a side by side comparison of my before profile and my new one.

Things aren’t exactly “perfect” yet, but I’m so much happier with my new nose than my God given one. I feel so much prettier and more confident and I feel like my new nose has made all of my other facial features look so much better, too.

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