Cortisone “steroid” Shot Experience

In five days, it will have been ten months since my surgery. As I’ve been saying all along, I feel like my nose has been too swollen, and I still think it is! I went to see my doc this past Friday for a post op visit and to receive a steroid shot to help relieve some of the swelling. I did research on it and read that some ps’s will administer a shot right after cast removal and read that it only provides temporary relief and that eventually it will come back because the nose is still healing. The patient will become upset and will want another one because you can’t go from no swell to swell without it upsetting you. So the patient will probably have a several more while healing, and this can cause skin thinning and can also cause atrophy. I read on under the questions that other surgeons will answer that the best time for a steroid shot is after seven months and generally before one year. Most of the swelling (70%) takes place during the first few weeks (not for everyone, though including myself) and towards the end, about the last 30% will go down. Anyhow, the steroid shot is there to help people with swelling issues get the last of the swelling to go away. It takes a few weeks to see results, but I already see some differences than before. I go back in six weeks and she said I might need one more shot.

So the shot wasn’t too pleasant, but what shot is? The shot didn’t hurt much, so don’t worry.  She bent the needle at an angle so that it wouldn’t hit the bone. My curious boyfriend asked why it was bent, so that’s why I know. I wouldn’t have asked, so I’m glad he did because now I can write about why lol. Anyhow, she injected it slowly. She said I would be swollen and I was. My boyfriend said blood gushed out from where the injection site was, so I guess that’s normal. I could feel a little ball where it was injected and that lasted for about a day. It made my nose smooth and swollen at the bridge. It looked better today (Tuesday) but I did notice my right side is still more swollen than the left. Either way, though it doesn’t bother me much even if stays this way, although I am sure it isn’t because my right side is still tender and has been since surgery. I know it’s just taking longer to heal. My nose is currently a little bruised but fading and it hurt to scrunch my nose or wiggle it. It’s less now, but still a little sore. Pictures!

This was taken about twenty minutes after the shot was taken. You can see the little red spot from the needle and that my nose turned red.

You can see the bruising.

The day after.

You can see the shadow of the swelling on my right side here.

Right side swelling.

Uneven swelling here, too. But I don't think it looks too bad. Not very noticeable unless you are told about it.




  1. G
    02/06/2012 at 11:33 am

    I found your site googling about having a cold after a nose job, as I’m at 3 months post-op and have got a sneezy, messy cold and it’s a bit worrying what it is doing to the healing process in there 🙂
    I read all your updates, they are very interesting and your nose has turned out so well!
    You should be really happy
    After i read more about other peoples experiences post surgery I can really see how easy it is to have serious complications that can be a nightmare.

    I had the following; (all in one loooong surgery)

    1. Nose
    2. Chin (Genioplasty – which basically slides out the chin to where it looks best, not a chin implant)
    3. Cheek implants
    4. Jaw implants
    I am a week shy of 3 months post op and have 1 outstanding issue with 1 of the jaw implants, they are notorious for becoming infected and I am currently waiting to see if it is okay.

    I am super happy with my surgery, it is life changing!

    Thanks for the great updates and pics


    • 02/27/2012 at 2:25 pm

      My goodness, that’s a lot of change in a short time! How’s your recovery going? I was considering a chin implant just because my chin is on the small side, but I opted not to just because I thought it would be better to wait and see how I looked with just a nose job first. I think i could get one, but I look okay without one, too. Did it hurt? Colds are nasty while you’re in the middle of recovery, but it goes away pretty quick and doesn’t really do any damage or anything so you should be okay. Let me know how your recovery goes! Enjoy the new you. It really is life changing in ways that people who have never been through is will never understand. 🙂

  2. 10/26/2014 at 4:57 am

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  3. Jen
    02/23/2017 at 2:17 pm

    Hi, I know it’s been a while since this post, but I was wondering how log the bruising from your cortisone shot lasted? I just got one to reduce swelling, 3 month post-op, and I have a bruise and am going on vacation next week! I am freaking out a little.
    Also, are you able to move the skin on your bridge now? Mine still feels so tight.
    Thanks, and I think your results are great! You look gorgeous!

    • 07/26/2017 at 5:50 am

      Hi Jen. I don’t recall exactly how long the bruising lasted, but I don’t believe it was more than a couple of days. My skin on my bridge is relatively tight even until today. It never was very lose, though.

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