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  1. Danielle
    11/23/2013 at 3:48 pm

    Hi Aleen!

    I came across your blog while doing a google search on ‘rhinoplasty recovery’. My name is Danielle and I am only 4 weeks post-op. I live in Boston, had my rhinoplasty done by well known and experienced surgeon, yet I still share a lot of the same concerns about the bump you are referring to. No one else notices my bump, but it’s there, even though it may be slight. I know it is still EXTREMELY early to assess the final product, but I cant help but obsess about it every chance I get! I find myself looking in the mirror constantly and taking all these weird angled pictures to prove the bump really is there.

    While I look at your pictures, I see what you are talking about 5 weeks after recovery. Although I wouldn’t exactly call that a bump, I can see some residual swelling. Even at 6 months, the slight bump you are referring to looks nothing more than swelling. I can only hope my nose is following the same suit! Its funny how we are all our own worst critics, right?! I think your nose is pretty darn perfect and wish I had seen your photos sooner so I could have shown your profile to my surgeon.

    I have a few questions for you about your decision to go for a revision, however. Because of my paranoia, I cant help but think what it would entail if I ever decide to go that route. It wouldn’t be for at least a year, but how do you approach your doctor with your dissatisfaction? It seems like your doctor is very understanding of your concern. Also, with a revision, does the doctor waive the surgeon fee or is it a different fee entirely? Do you have to pay for the anesthesia and operating room again? In addition to my healing process, I am equally paranoid about going through a second surgery if need be.

    All in all, I wanted to say that your blog really give me hope that everything will be fine. If my nose ends up like yours, I will consider myself very lucky and probably laugh at all the wasted stress and obsession I put myself though. Honestly, if I had your nose, Id be afraid to make any revisions and ruin what is already there.

    Thank you

  2. Joy
    11/06/2014 at 10:08 pm

    Hi I just found your blog and I would like to ask you some questions since I’m going through the same process. Do you have an email address I can send you my questions to? Thanks so much for sharing !

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