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Cortisone “steroid” Shot Experience

In five days, it will have been ten months since my surgery. As I’ve been saying all along, I feel like my nose has been too swollen, and I still think it is! I went to see my doc this past Friday for a post op visit and to receive a steroid shot to help relieve some of the swelling. I did research on it and read that some ps’s will administer a shot right after cast removal and read that it only provides temporary relief and that eventually it will come back because the nose is still healing. The patient will become upset and will want another one because you can’t go from no swell to swell without it upsetting you. So the patient will probably have a several more while healing, and this can cause skin thinning and can also cause atrophy. I read on under the questions that other surgeons will answer that the best time for a steroid shot is after seven months and generally before one year. Most of the swelling (70%) takes place during the first few weeks (not for everyone, though including myself) and towards the end, about the last 30% will go down. Anyhow, the steroid shot is there to help people with swelling issues get the last of the swelling to go away. It takes a few weeks to see results, but I already see some differences than before. I go back in six weeks and she said I might need one more shot.

So the shot wasn’t too pleasant, but what shot is? The shot didn’t hurt much, so don’t worry.  She bent the needle at an angle so that it wouldn’t hit the bone. My curious boyfriend asked why it was bent, so that’s why I know. I wouldn’t have asked, so I’m glad he did because now I can write about why lol. Anyhow, she injected it slowly. She said I would be swollen and I was. My boyfriend said blood gushed out from where the injection site was, so I guess that’s normal. I could feel a little ball where it was injected and that lasted for about a day. It made my nose smooth and swollen at the bridge. It looked better today (Tuesday) but I did notice my right side is still more swollen than the left. Either way, though it doesn’t bother me much even if stays this way, although I am sure it isn’t because my right side is still tender and has been since surgery. I know it’s just taking longer to heal. My nose is currently a little bruised but fading and it hurt to scrunch my nose or wiggle it. It’s less now, but still a little sore. Pictures!

This was taken about twenty minutes after the shot was taken. You can see the little red spot from the needle and that my nose turned red.

You can see the bruising.

The day after.

You can see the shadow of the swelling on my right side here.

Right side swelling.

Uneven swelling here, too. But I don't think it looks too bad. Not very noticeable unless you are told about it.





6 Month Post Op Doctors Visit

Just a quick update about my six month post op appointment! Everything is good, but my swelling is a little excessive so I’m probably going to get a steroid shot to help the bridge swelling subside. I’ll be going back after the first of the year. That’s all for now. I’ll update again month by month with pictures just to compare. 🙂

Week 5 + Epic Photo Update!

Week five has probably been the best week so far. I still keep teetering back and forth with being happy and being unhappy. I still see a bump, that apparently no one else does, so I’m hoping that I am crazy. Oh well one other person noticed it so I guess I’m not totally crazy. Dr. Lee says it’ll still drop. I like it overall, but that little bump and my non-contracted skin bothers me. But I am loving the upturn of my nose!

I hate how swollen my nose still is and with the weather getting warmer,  it’s not really helping. I still keep sneezing a ton and I can’t completely avoid being under the sun so I feel like nature is working against me. My nostrils are pretty different now that I look at them. I guess that’s how God made me! But I also think that the right side of my nose is just more swollen that the left. I keep icing for an hour a day, but it’s kind of been an inconvenience because I have to be studying for finals and doing other things, too. I guess this is the price that I have to pay because this is what I wanted. Here are some pictures from this week. I think that there is less swelling this week than last week, so that’s good! These pictures are in order from oldest to most recent. I took a TON of pictures this week. I don’t think I will ever have an update like this again.

I'm sure some will look at me and think that my nose is not swollen at all, but this is seriously more than twice as wide as my old nose, so for me it's still wide.

My little bump! It's totally visible here!

This was taken in the morning. Please excuse my haggard appearance! My nose is usually swollen the most when I first wake up.


Whewwwwww that was a LOT of pictures!

One month post-op visit

I had my four week appointment with Dr. Lee on May 4th. I have to tell you guys, I really have no patience at all with this healing thing. My skin has yet to contract, but after doing some research, I learned it takes about one to two years for this to actually happen! What am I thinking wanting everything to look perfect already? I really am crazy! It hurts like hell to swat the tip of my nose! My bridge is still very swollen and very squishy! It’s pretty gross. And the tip is rather stiff and puffy. A lot of the swelling has gone down and I am looking less and less like an Avatar creature! But my nose still plump, so I know I have a long way to go! The first thing my doctor said to me was, “You are still so swollen.” which I thought was a good thing because it assured me that I wasn’t going to look like this forever. It’s also allergy season, so I’m basically dying. There were no major changed from weeks two to three, but some noticeably swelling started going down between weeks three and four, but then these insane allergies kicked in with flulike symptoms, and I’ve been so stuffy and sniffly that I went back to being a poofy girl. Dr. Lee told me to go ahead and take Allegra, which started working within one hour of using it, and has helped a LOT. I go back in three weeks! Hopefully more and more swelling will keep going down! These are pictures between the end of week three and the beginning of week 4.

Yay for a skinnier nose!

See my fat skin not contracting, yet? Hmph.

Overall, I am really happy with the results so far and I know it is just going to get better!

Day 11

I had another post-op appointment today and had the tape removed off of my nose. My boyfriend drove me again. I really don’t want to drive anywhere that I don’t have to because there is so much traffic in LA and people drive rather carelessly, so I am afraid of getting into an accident and hurting my nose. My boyfriend is an absolutely gentleman and doesn’t complain about taking me. I think he enjoys coming with me and being a part of this whole process. I’m very appreciative of him. My entire family has been really good to me and been supportive and no longer smoke in my presence. And of course my Auntie was my own personal nurse and took such great care of me. I am very thankful for everything everyone has done for me. I’ll never forget it.

Okay so, having the tape removed was half as bad as having the cast removed. Again it stuck to my skin like velcro! My face had broken into a rash from the medicine and it had made it very rough and more dry than it already is to begin with. I believe this is why it stuck to me so bad. I was pleasantly surprised with how much less swelling there was today. I mean it’s still pretty bad, but much better than last time. I still see a big difference in my nostril size and my bridge is healing differently on both side. My nose was very crooked before and and the bridge was uneven, so I think this, too, is a part of the healing process. It doesn’t look that bad, though and people won’t notice. I do, though because it’s me. Note that on the right side of my bridge, you will see how swollen one part is. Dr. Lee told me that my nose is still about 50% swollen so there is more change ahead of me to see! I’m extremely happy with the tip of my nose and my side profile thus far! It’s so gorgeous! And I love that it’s a little bit turned up. I think it is very feminine and it just really complements my face. It fits and completes it. Picture time!

See where the swelling mostly is? I'm excited to see it go away and see how it will look!

Fat nose! It's cute, though. I look like a beastly little piggy! lol

I love this angle! I can't believe how cute my nose is from here!

More nostril action! Note the different sizes. I will keep a watch on how much this changes as well.

Day 10

Let me begin by saying that it is pretty gross when the insides of your nose begin to get dry and crusty. My tenth day has brought me some discomfort due to that reason. I must have used about 20 Q-Tips cleaning out all the dried mucous and blood. I unintentionally ripped out some of my stitches while getting out a huge chunk of blood out of my nose. I mean, this was the biggest mass of dried blood I’ve ever seen come out of anyone’s nose. I’m sorry to get so graphic, but I want to share anyway in case anyone freaks out about this happening. I felt a lot better after cleaning out my nose. Oh, I forgot to mention on day nine’s blog that I got to keep my cast for when I want to wear my glasses and for when I sleep so that I don’t forget that my nose is tender and accidentally roll on my nose or hit my nose. Also no glasses wearing without the cast because they can indent the bridge of my nose from its weight. Just thought I would throw that out there. What else….nothing much has changed today besides that. My boyfriends wonderful mother bought me a memory foam U-Neck pillow to support my neck for when I sleep at night. I’m still sleeping elevated on my back or slightly to my side because it helps me be careful in my sleep and makes me aware of why I am in that position. I’m a pretty light sleeper so this has actually been working well for me. And my U-Neck is super comfy and it helps keep my head in a safe position in terms of protecting my nose. Some pictures from day ten!

Some nostril action. lol

And these pictures were taken just before bed at night.

Testing out my smile. Looks a bit different from my before smile. Let's see how much this will change.