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Some Before and Afters

I hope that this is helpful to those of you who are swollen and are wondering how much can go down. It depends on how your doctor shaped your nose and how swollen you have gotten after surgery.

This particular one makes me so happy that that I had my rhinoplasty done!

The left one is maybe one month into recovery and the one on the right is one year after recovery.


Six Weeks After Cortisone Shot

I am at just about six weeks after my shot. I don’t see a whole lot of change, but others say they have seen some. I’m not really convinced anything changed. My cartilage still sticks out the same as before and I can still push it down. It just comes back up after a little bit of time. I am going back in about a week for another post op visit. My PS said she might give me another cortisone shot, so lets see how it goes. I’ll do best my update and not procrastinate so much! I am just so overwhelmed with school and also lost both of my grandmothers since my last post 😦 so my life has been uneventful and crazy lately. Here are some pictures taken over the last month. Do you guys think my nose looks any different than my last post?

A view from below.


More side profile.

Other side.

Probably my favorite angle of my nose.

Front-on taken on March 3, 2012.

Left is more concave!

This is how my nose looks when I'm not trying to take a picture of my nose. And yes, that is Steven Tyler. ❀

And here are two taken fro the right angle just because I think all of my other pictures are from the left.

And I have created a habit of taking pictures of my left side since it is my new favorite side (my right was my better side before surgery) so I think these are the only two pictures I've taken of my right side so I wanted to post these, too.

Cortisone “steroid” Shot Experience

In five days, it will have been ten months since my surgery. As I’ve been saying all along, I feel like my nose has been too swollen, and I still think it is! I went to see my doc this past Friday for a post op visit and to receive a steroid shot to help relieve some of the swelling. I did research on it and read that some ps’s will administer a shot right after cast removal and read that it only provides temporary relief and that eventually it will come back because the nose is still healing. The patient will become upset and will want another one because you can’t go from no swell to swell without it upsetting you. So the patient will probably have a several more while healing, and this can cause skin thinning and can also cause atrophy. I read on under the questions that other surgeons will answer that the best time for a steroid shot is after seven months and generally before one year. Most of the swelling (70%) takes place during the first few weeks (not for everyone, though including myself) and towards the end, about the last 30% will go down. Anyhow, the steroid shot is there to help people with swelling issues get the last of the swelling to go away. It takes a few weeks to see results, but I already see some differences than before. I go back in six weeks and she said I might need one more shot.

So the shot wasn’t too pleasant, but what shot is? The shot didn’t hurt much, so don’t worry.Β Β She bent the needle at an angle so that it wouldn’t hit the bone. My curious boyfriend asked why it was bent, so that’s why I know. I wouldn’t have asked, so I’m glad he did because now I can write about why lol. Anyhow, she injected it slowly. She said I would be swollen and I was. My boyfriend said blood gushed out from where the injection site was, so I guess that’s normal. I could feel a little ball where it was injected and that lasted for about a day. It made my nose smooth and swollen at the bridge. It looked better today (Tuesday) but I did notice my right side is still more swollen than the left. Either way, though it doesn’t bother me much even if stays this way, although I am sure it isn’t because my right side is still tender and has been since surgery. I know it’s just taking longer to heal. My nose is currently a little bruised but fading and it hurt to scrunch my nose or wiggle it. It’s less now, but still a little sore. Pictures!

This was taken about twenty minutes after the shot was taken. You can see the little red spot from the needle and that my nose turned red.

You can see the bruising.

The day after.

You can see the shadow of the swelling on my right side here.

Right side swelling.

Uneven swelling here, too. But I don't think it looks too bad. Not very noticeable unless you are told about it.




8 Months Post Op

Well it’s really more like 9, but I’m going to save month 9 for a better update after I get a corticosteroid shot to help with relieving swelling. Some new things I have experienced are that having a cold/flu is TERRIBLE for your new nose, the cold weather is AMAZING for your new nose, and that your nose keeps getting better and better. I had a cold for the first time since surgery back in April and I could not believe how swollen my nose got from being sick. It made my bridge really smooth and round, which is nothing like how it is when I am not sick. It is not fun and I got scared and called my doctors office to ask the nurse if this was normal and she said it is totally normal and that my nose will go back to normal, and she was right. But it was still scary looking at a nose that looked like it did when I was 3 months post op. So if you get sick and your nose looks fat and swollen, fear not! It will go back to normal. Just ice your nose and be patient. The cold winter weather, well, as cold as winter can be in Southern California anyway, has made my nose look really nice and skinny! I am enjoying being outside for that very reason. πŸ™‚ Here are a few pictures over the last month or so.

Last month before I went to a wedding.

I think the tip is still a bit fat, but I don't think it'll get much thinner since I didn't have too much work done on the tip.

It looks a bit thinner here. It was cold outside that day.

And the rest of these were taken on December 9th. And this is at Disneyland so don’t mind my mouse ears. πŸ™‚

You can see more definition after 8 months. I think my nose looks thinner. It was very cold outside the entire day so I think it really helped it shrink that day.

Thinner bridge, I think.

And one from the side. This was early on during the day and I actually don't think my nose looks particularly defined here, but still looks good.

I don’t know if maybe my nose looks different just because someone else took the picture and the quality is better. The majority of my pictures are taken on my laptop, so I don’t know if it quality just made it look different, but I really think cold weather plays a major role. The first two were taken before it was particularly cold, so I think it has to do with that. That’s probably why patients are not supposed to be in the sun for at least 6 months and should always wear sunscreen. A lot of things affect recovery and if you are skipping out on them, you should reconsider your actions because my pictures are proof of that. And I DID follow the rules. See how much it changed even when following them? I am pleased thus far. I will update after my next appointment. I hate needles so wish me luck!

6 Month Post Op Doctors Visit

Just a quick update about my six month post op appointment! Everything is good, but my swelling is a little excessive so I’m probably going to get a steroid shot to help the bridge swelling subside. I’ll be going back after the first of the year. That’s all for now. I’ll update again month by month with pictures just to compare. πŸ™‚


I thought it would be neat to do a side by side comparison of my before and after(s) so here it is.

Pre surgery, eleven days after surgery, and about five months after surgery!

It’s amazing how much my nose has changed so far. I didn’t notice the changes as they were happening. It makes me wonder what my nose will look like after a full year of recovery. Or even two or three years. To all of my readers, be patient. Healing takes time and I am proof that your nose will keep shrinking!

Week 7

Hi everyone who reads my blog! As I said, the healing really slows down after the sixth week and I wasn’t going to post as much. Well not much has changed except that I think Β my nose looks skinnier. I’m still stuffy and still have bloody noses and lots of dried blood. It’s pretty uncomfortable having to deal with this on a daily basis. Sometimes I can taste the blood since our noses and throats are all interconnected. I know this is not a cute topic, but I said I’d be brutally honest about my journey and I want people that read my blog to know what really happens so they do not freak out during their own journeys. Each morning that I wake up, my nose is the most sore and the most swollen and I hate it! I saw Dr. Lee on Wednesday May 25th and she is very pleased with her work. I am, too but I still wish my bridge curved in a little bit more. I told her to do whatever she thought fit my face the best and I do believe that this nose looks great, but I still want something more feminine. I’m not sure if I will ever have a revision because having a nose job is not a fun process and it’s really too early to tell what the end result is going to look like. She said the sides are still swollen and she pushed down on them pretty hard, actually and it hurt, to see how much swelling there still is. I asked her if the bridge would still drop and she said just a little, so I don’t expect that to change much. My nose is still a little soft and squishy, but more firm than my last update. I’ve read that most of the swelling goes away in the first six weeks, but I want my readers to know that I think it’s not exactly an accurate statement. I’ve noticed more swelling subside during this seventh week than the sixth so when you reach your sixth week and you don’t like what you see so far, don’t freak out because everyone heals differently. You will notice more changes in the weeks to follow. This takes time! I keep trying to tell myself that on the days that I feel the most impatient.

Since not much has changed, here are some pictures that I took over the last two weeks. They go in order from oldest to most recent. The most recent ones are from yesterday. If anyone has any comments or any questions, please ask away! I’d love to help anyone. πŸ™‚

Nose is still a bit wide during my 6th-7th week.

Sorry this picture looks funny, but you can see the swelling quite well here.

I look funny here, too but I do like how my nose looks. I like the tip the most.

My right side of my bridge is still "bubbly" looking. See the line that goes down vertically? That's swelling. I'm still waiting for that part to go away.

These are all from this past week. I think more swelling has down that last week. I don't notice my nostrils being too uneven anymore. Yay.

The tip looks a little bit more pointy than before, too. I think it's from the swelling going down.

Hello, nostrils! lol


From yesterday. I like it more and more.

Still a bit wide, but much, much better than before.

Tip is a little bit less round, but not too pointy just as I wanted.

Maybe I'm crazy for wanting it more curvy. Looking at pictures, I think it complements my face well.

Most important, I feel happier and more confident! πŸ˜€